God's unconditional love

I am so grateful for the way God has worked in my life. His love for me has been prevalent throughout my past and present. Even before Christ saved me, the Lord’s hand was protecting me.

I wasn’t always aware of the Father. I used to live life on a whim. I never thought about God. When I was a child, my mother made sure I attended church. So, there was knowledge of Him, but I wasn’t able to feel the connection.

I was shy and full of fear during my adolescence years. The feeling of not fitting in with other teenagers was a persistent battle. That awkwardness led me searching to find something to ease those difficulties.

I discovered alcohol and drugs. They seemed to be a solution, but ended up being a life-threatening problem.

Throughout those teenage years getting drunk and high on drugs was my primary focus. They took priority over school, sports, and even girls. Consumed with constant thoughts of ingesting as much of them as I could handle.

The alcohol caused blackouts leaving me no memory of the way I behaved. I became violent and untrustworthy. Sometimes I would wake up with black eyes. They had to beat me up because I was out of control. The only way I thought I could deal with those painful experiences was to continue drinking. That only made it worse.

The drugs caused me to become anti-social. I would use them to the point of becoming comatose blotting out consciousness. The combination of the alcohol and drugs played havoc with my physical, mental and spiritual health.

I almost didn’t graduate from High School, and I know today this was God doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself. At that time of my life, I would have settled for flunking out because all I wanted to do was get high.

After graduation, I joined the Army. One of my friends convinced me to sign up. We were going to enter the military together, but he backed out and off I went. I didn’t like the armed services. The discipline was tough, and my craving for alcohol was strong. I began plotting ways to get out and my first attempt was going AWL (Absent Without Leave). That got me in trouble.

Again, God’s invisible mercy was working in the background.
I finally did get out and the way I did it was dangerous. I took some medication and wrote a suicide note claiming I took an overdose. They rushed me to the hospital, pumped out my stomach and questioned me about the incident. I told them I wanted out, and they agreed. Again, God’s invisible mercy was working in the background. And I walked out after six months with an honorable discharge.

I returned home. Things didn’t get any better, only worse. See, I had not gotten God’s message yet and continued the road of self-destruction. My morality was becoming a problem because I compromised righteous behavior for wrongful action. I had become a thief and stole other people’s items so I could sell them to support my addictive lifestyle.

Just before my twenty-second birthday, my world came crashing down. The alcohol and drug abuse caught up with me, and I couldn’t stop abusing them. I was desperate to quit, but was unable under my limited power. I was powerless, helpless and devastated.

you (2)Then God’s unconditional love stepped in and rescued me. He had gotten my attention and placed me in the position to find support from others who traveled down that same path. The Lord led me to a Twelve Step program designed to help alcohol and drug addiction. God already knew this was the way I was going to activate my faith.

Over the past thirty years, the unconditional love of God has turned my life completely around. I not only have an active faith in Him, but know how to trust His divine guidance. He has introduced me to His Son Jesus and blessed me with the gift of the Holy Spirit. I’m forever grateful for the way He has allowed me to live in His presence.

By no means have I stayed on the straight and narrow. I retreated into addiction. Eight of those thirty years I lived in misery. I experienced nothing but unremitting pain and suffering from turning away from Christ. I never knew how bad things would get without God’s love and grace. I do now.

Today I understand the only way for me to remain in God’s favor is to be a faithful follower of His righteous path.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for Christ’s gift of salvation. God has proven to me the difference He makes when I’m humble. All I have to do in understanding it is look into my past and see the miracle He has performed in my life. The impact the Lord has made in my life is extraordinary.

Walter Kahler
I have been delivered from bondage of self from God and enjoy sharing the difference He has made in my life through Christ. I have discovered a passion for writing about the way Christ continues to impact my mind, body and soul. I love people and like helping.
  • Hazel Moon

    Your testimony of God’s grace and Mercy causes us to keep praying for others who are bound by alcohol and drugs. When you received Jesus (as your higher power) you began the first step toward growing mature in the Lord. Keep daily in the Word even a chapter or two and fellowship in a Bible believing Church will encourage yourself and others who view your light. Thank you for sharing with us here at “Tell me a Story.”

    • Thanks Hazel Moon for sharing your encouragement. You hit the nail on the head when you shared about fellowship and A Bible believing Chruch. One of the gifts about salvation is our bond grows stronger with Christ when we pass on the miracles He provides to an active servant. May Christ continue to shine on you, your family and friends. Peace be with you my sister in Christ.

  • Samantha Landrus

    Thank you for your testimony! My prayers for you on the road ahead. Can you add Dylan to your prayers? He is fighting a similar road to recovery and has been very close to my heart as I lost an uncle to addiction several years ago. Dylan is on the right track. I am simply praying for God’s work of mercy and healing to continue in his life and I know he and his family covet all of the prayers they can get in this time.

    • Thanks Samantha Landrus for sharing your thoughts. I will add Dylan to the prayer list. I understand the sadness over losing someone from addiction for I have had a few friends that also died. We are bonded together through Christ and I’m glad our paths have crossed. May Christ continue blessing you, Dylan and the rest of your family and friends. Have a great day.

  • Joanne Norton

    I’ve often said, “If He had not broken into me, I would have been dead long ago from alcoholism, violence, or suicide.” Today is my 49th Re-Birthday that the Lord reached kindly into me, April 15, 1966. I will be 70 in July. I would have not been here. Now, b/c of how He broke into my life, I’ve been a missionary, and significant helper to ones in serious drug/alcohol situations, and going wherever the Lord calls me [and my husband] to go. It’s a blessing. Thank you for sharing straightforwardly.

    • I’m grateful to hear about your longevity with serving the Lord Joanne Norton. God knows when to call us at the time He wants us to be receptive in hearing Him. I have had the same experience with Christ as you have and I loved the way your expressed it “the Lord reached kindly into me”. Thanks for sharing and many blessing to you and your family.

  • Your testimony is so powerful, Walter. I’m thankful our paths have crossed and the more I learn about your life, the more I am inspired by how God is working in it. Have you ever thought about speaking? You’re writing is so impactful and I know you will continue to bless many others.

    • Kristi you are always very kind to me. God has brought us together so we share, learn and grow in His Light. I do attend a 12 step program and on ocasssions have shared my story. I’m still young in my development with Christ and in the future I do have plans to speak in church gatherings. Thanks for your continuous encouragement. Blessing to you and your family.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your testimony! Wow, its amazing how close your story runs with my husbands. He struggled with addictions for years, and was in the military, injured during operation Iraqi freedom he returned home with medical leave to battle an addiction that lasted for five years before God turned his life around, and now he’s a minister. 🙂 Isn’t good God? wonderful to read your story, thank you for sharing, its not always easy!

    • Your thoughts are so comforting Stacy. Yes God is good and to hear how He has worked in you and your husband life only strengthen my faith. It;s no mistake that our paths have crossed because God guided us to witness His powerful glory. Have a great weekend my friend.

  • MapleKitten
  • MapleKitten

    Hello, my son Justin was on parole for only 3 weeks. He went out walking from his Halfway houses and he got so drunk, he managed to lose his wallet with the only money given him and containing all his identification documents and his birth certificate and new state id card. He got arrested. His parole officer took him back to jail. Have you written a book I can purchase for mt son?? Do you know of someone who has?Please pray for me, my real name is Brenda, and my son’s name is Justin. He went to jail for stealing a car after getting lost while under the influence of a drug similar to bath salts andK2.

    • Hello Brenda. I’m moved by your struggles with your son and addiction. I haven’t written a book. I found my path through Alcoholics Anonymous and if your not familiar with it you can go http://www.aa.org/ and find out some information. I understand the actions your son has taken because I been there. Addiction is tough and the first step to recovery is having a desire to seek help. I suggest you purchase the book Alcoholics Anonymous and read the section titled The Doctors Opinion. Also there is a program called Alanon which is affiliated with AA. I will keep all of you in my prayers. God Bless You Brenda.

  • Ariella

    Thanks for this. let’s often sing as singers: “Amazing Grace!”


  • Julie Pierce

    Wow, Walter! Thank you for sharing your testimony. Being brave & transparent is both inspiring and instructive to others. May you continue to feel God’s presence in your life!

    • Isn’t God so wonderful Julie. No matter what any of our struggles may be He always gives mercy and grace as long as we meet Him half way and do our part. Thanks for sharing my friend.