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Ralph’s Story – God’s Redemptive Power

I was raised in a Christian home, and have known about God since I was a child. It was at a young age that I first realized I was hopelessly lost and needed a redeemer, and my young heart was filled with His love. As is typical with many who know God at a young age, my heart wandered as I matured, and the world became very interesting to me. God, however, never lets go, and He held on when I questioned what I had been taught, what I had experienced, even what I knew.

God often works in mysterious ways. At one point in our marriage, my wife came under severe attack by the enemy, to the point she questioned God’s love for her and even His very existence. I would like to say what I told her came from my years of wisdom, but that is far from the truth. I now know it was divinely inspired. I said, “Tell Him that, tell Him you’re angry, that you doubt and that you have to see something or you’re just done with it all. He’ll give you exactly what you need”. God is faithful to His children even when we doubt, and He showed up in a very definite way.

Our son, now an adult, was diagnosed as a child with Bipolar Disorder, but as he grew it became painfully obvious that the medication he was prescribed just wasn’t working. He became dangerously angry and often threatened to kill himself and as many others as he could take with him. We were advised often to get rid of him, to just kick him out of the house, but God wouldn’t let us. We just couldn’t take the risk that he would hurt someone else. Year after year, we prayed and worked with him. He knew God, but like many of us, thought he deserved only punishment, and couldn’t receive mercy.

It wasn’t until he reluctantly attended a healing service at our church and saw God at work first hand for himself that he was able to let go of his hurt and anger and accept God’s healing. Today, he is a Godly man, a husband and father, and testament to God’s redemptive power.

So, even though I don’t have a huge crisis story in which I hit rock bottom and God turned everything around, I have seen Him work over my entire lifetime. There is no way I could turn my back on Him now.