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Eyes Opened (Keith’s Testimony)

For 35 years I was an Atheist. Darwinian Evolution was as real to me as the Sun in the sky. Growing up, I would constantly mock and make fun of “Bible Thumpers”…even some family members. How could they BE SO STUPID to believe in all those ancient Fairy Tales?

In my 30’s, as I matured I began to take a closer look at my beliefs in evolution that had been indoctrinated in me from my earliest memories. For most of my life, I just assumed it was all true, I mean all the smart guys in lab coats said it was true, my school textbooks said it was true, my teachers, almost everyone around me…it was the cool thing to do.

But something was missing, something didn’t seem right to me. How could all of the universe and its contents just be a result of a random roll of the dice? Well, conveniently the world had an answer to that question, if you roll the dice enough times, the results no matter how improbable become almost guaranteed. That seemed logical, so that kept my blinders intact for another few years. But then more questions began to arise and more and more.

Finally one day, seven years ago, God decided he had enough with my frolicking about, and revealed himself to me in a very real and physical way, that made me see the REAL TRUTH.

At this point in my life I was living in Las Vegas with my wife Keturah, and going to church with her just to make her feel good, she was raised in a Baptist family in California. On one particular Sunday I was sitting at Oasis Baptist Church, bored out of my mind, thinking about the football game I was missing…when the strangest thing occurred.

As I looked up at Pastor Neal giving his sermon, things suddenly changed in the room…almost as if things went into slow motion, only they didn’t (if that makes ANY sense). Suddenly it seemed as if every word he was saying, was directed right at me…we made eye contact from across the room as he continued to preach.

Something was happening inside, something I had never experienced before, I looked all around the room and every head was bowed, every eye was closed. This was the invitational, I remember this from other times I have been in church, when they ask you if you want to be saved by God’s grace. I knew deep down inside that I was a horrible person, that I was unworthy of any grace and I had kept this locked up inside me all of my life. Well now the flood gates were about to be opened.

Was anyone else seeing this light? Am I going crazy?
As I am sitting there this beautiful white light filled the room from behind me…so perfectly beautiful, so bright yet not blinding, tears began to well up and this massive amount of emotion flowed through my body. My first thought was why would someone open the curtains like that in the middle of service? But as I looked over my shoulder to see who it was, there was no window, no curtains, just the back wall of the room.

The next thing I know I am standing in the aisle about 10 feet from where I was sitting next to my wife, as I glanced over almost in a trance like state, my wife was sitting there with her head bowed in prayer. Was anyone else seeing this light? Am I going crazy? My body begins to move down the aisle to the front altar, only I never commanded my legs to walk, I felt the loving grasp of my wife on my left arm as I approached the steps and then my strength gave way, and I bowed on both knees to the Lord. As I did, complete sadness and joy swept through me at the same time, a Deacon of the church named Rich was there by my side with his Bible to guide me through to my salvation.

It was the most overwhelming experience I have ever had and I knew from that moment that Jesus Christ is real and He was with me in church that day.

eye openeningOnce my eyes were opened, that Jesus Christ was REAL, I began to study scripture and was amazed at what I discovered. The more I STUDIED the more answers became crystal clear, the more I realized that my former religion of Atheism had led me down a path of deceit, immorality and darkness.

Since that fateful day at the age of 35, I have strayed away from God more times than I can count…the allure of the world is very potent, the sins of the flesh are incredibly powerful in their temptations. But today I can honestly say, I feel closer to God than I have in years, and the signs of this reality are all around me. Whenever I begin to utter the words JESUS CHRIST many around me get very uncomfortable…many get offended, many get angry…sometimes in ways that seem irrational. But as scripture reveals, they are just being convicted.

This is exactly the reaction God tells me to expect. Whatever your reaction to reading my posts (like this one), please understand I am not trying to FORCE my religion upon you…I am trying to share a truth with you, that has changed my life. This has nothing to do with my fear of eternal torment and everything to do with the gift of everlasting life that can be had by anyone that asks.

God Bless You.